Merry Early Christmas!

Hello all!

I haven't blogged much...but then again, I think I warned you all that I don't really have a life so there's not much to blog about. I PROMISE I'll blog a lot more this year. And not just reviews. I'll be blogging about life and stuff even if it's horrible. 


I just wanted to wish you all a verrrrryyyy Merry Christmassssss! I hope you get all the things you want and are able to enjoy spending time with your families~

I already got to open one of my presents~ A NEW CAMERA. My beautiful pink point and shoot finally died and my mom got me a new camera~ :3 I can't want to deco ittt~ Teeheeheeeeee. Anyways,


[Sponsored Review] Puffy 3 tone Brown

Hello again~

To take a break from the makeup reviews, I thought I would share this circle lens review as well as some quick snapshots that I took at my most recent photoshoot.

A little while ago, UNIQSO generously sent me a pair of lenses. Unfortunately, they weren't the correct prescription so I sent them a message and they sent me a new pair! No questions asked! They're extremely nice and professional and get back to you super quickly. GREAT SERVICE.

ANYWAYS, I ended up getting the correct pair a few days before this planned photoshoot and I thought "PERFECT! I CAN WEAR THESE"!

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[Sponsored Review] Cuicu Eyeshadow 16 Stone Green & Solone 10 color Smokey Violet

Hello again!
Another review~!

Like I said in the last post, KKCENTERHK sponsored me 3 items to review.
One was the purple eyeshadow from the last review and the second and third were these ones!

(Poison Ivy youtube tutorial coming up also! :D)

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[Sponsored Review] Cuicu Flashing Eyeshadow 17

Hello again~

Long time no see! :D

I'm back on my computer and starting to blog again! SOOOOOO. HERE'S MY FIRST BLOG BACK. Well...somewhat. I did post a few other things..but this is my first foreal blog. Foreal foreal.

Anyways, you guys know the drill~ This is a review of a product that was so generously sponsored by KKCENTERHK. If you guys remember, I did another review a little while ago of three eyeshadows from the same brand. These eyeshadows are AMAZING and CHEAP! I really wish they had a matte black though...

SO! Like always, even though this is sponsored, this is 100% my own opinion! If I hate'll know. I don't play. HA!

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Computer issues :(

So, anyone following me on my facebook page would know, but for those who don't, my macbook decided to crash on me 2 weeks ago.

Just today I was finally able to take it to the apple store to have them look at it. I was super worried that there would be an issue with the hardware (which costs $$$$$$ to replace plus labor) or even the software and it wouldn't be fixable.

LUCKILY, whatever the problem was which I still don't know, they were able to fix it in store even though it took about 3 hours. Still glad that it didn't have to be shipped off PLUS it was free. :D So I am SOOOOOO thankful for that.
A bad thing though..I lost ALL of my pictures an my recordings. (If you didn't know, I sing so I basically lost all of my singing files... :( )
I'd rather lose them than have to buy a new computer though, haha.

 Anyways, this was just an update about why I haven't been blogging or anything. I don't really have another computer that I can load the pictures for my blog to so I'm glad I have this back. :3

Halloween party time~

Halloween is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE holidays (After Christmas and my birthday...yes...I consider my birthday a holiday :P). If only for the reason that people won't look at you strangely if you wear a costume..not that I'm too worried about's actually for the candy....>>

This year, my boyfriend pushed the idea of us making our own costumes. I'm wasn't against the idea since I make my own costumes all the time but we came across the whole "who/what do we doooooo?" Well, he apparently had a plan the whole time and wanted to be Mr. Freeze. 

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FINALLY. The giveaway is over!

I used to choose a random number for the winner instead of using rafflecopter (only because that's how over people have done it lulz)

[Update] The original winner did not get back to me in the given amount of time so, like noted, a new winner was chosen using

The winner isssssss  バーゴス エミリー

I'm currently without my normal computer so I'm unable to take a screenshot. The number drawn by is 11! (I'm on a pc now...and my normal laptop is a me while I get used to this. x__x)

Please email me at: within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen. :)

For those who didn't win, DON'T GIVE UP! I'll be hosting an even better giveaway when I reach 100 followers! I've already started to collect stuff for it, ohohohoho~

[Sponsored Review] Cuicu Eyeshadow 02,12,19

I'm here with another sponsored review! (I know..I know..I still need to finish the reviews for the stuff from the swap.

KKCENTERHK WAS SOOOOO GENEROUS in sponsoring me for this review.
They gave me a list of items that I was to choose from and I decided to go with single eyeshadows.

I decided to go with the CUICU Flashing Diamond Single Eyeshadow in 02 Ivory White,12 Chestnut Brown and 19 Barbie pink. I had really wanted to get the Stone green color but I noticed another blogger getting that and the barbie pink so I didn't want to review all the same products.

NOW! This is indeed a sponsored review but I can assure you that my opinion is unchanged. All of this is my very own opinion about what I honestly think about these products. :)

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[Sponsored Review] i.Fairy Super Crystal Green

Hello again~

I come with news, reminders and a review! :D
First, if you didn't notice by the picture on the right, I have dark hair again. Poo. I'm still getting used to it, haha.

Orrrrr click this: GIVEAWAY x3

NOW! The review. This pair of lenses were generously sponsored to me by Apple Of Your Eyes. Even though they were sponsored, I assure you that all of this is my honest opinion of these lenses. No crap here! No siree bob!

You should know the drill by now!

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Fall GIVEAWAY! (9/30-10/31)

HELLO! I did promise a giveaway! I was going to wait until I hit 50 people...or for the first of october...but I was too excited to wait any longer...>>


All the info about what you'll get and how to enter will be below the cut! :3 SO CHECK IT OUT!

[Review] Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar 01 & 05

(Cam whore alert x3)
WEE! I'm at it again~ I finally have something to do! (I think I mentioned I don't go out often..>>)
This will be my first review of the items I received from Fammy during our swap! 8D

Also~ My friend let me borrow her wig for Halloween soooo~ There's pictures of that in here too!

I also cam whored a bit because after my roots grow out this second time...I'll be going to a chocolate brown color for my hair. xD


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Makeup Swap #1

My first makeup swap is officially COMPLETE.
Fammy, a girl in California, emailed me about a swap, we got it going and today I received my package!

We both put tracking on our packages so I knew it was coming today and I couldn't wait! I waited for the postman..but right when I turned away..he came and I didn't realize it until later...>>

ANYWAYS! She individually wrapped every single thing! In cupcake paper! I felt so bad because my package was not even close to being that cute. >.<

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Prepping for Halloween~

If you're like me, Halloween is a HUGE deal.
Every year (starting like..last year xD) My friend Dylan and I go to a few stores to try on costumes.
Last year we went about a week before halloween and all the xs-sm were taken so we didn't have much to try on. THIS YEAR we went to early. :___; and not all of the costume were in stock yet...We'll have to do it again sometime. xD

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Awesome news for my followers!

So, I posted a while ago that I was going to host a giveaway. WELL!

I recently contacted a circle lens site and they are being so kind as to sponsor a pair of lenses for the giveaway!
I'm still collecting items,various cosmetics both american and asian, but I'll also be making something special for the winner! Wether that will be a bow or bag or something else is still up in the air. :3

The generous site that is sponsoring a pair of lenses is none other than:

Along with sponsorship, they've also been nice enough to give a percentage off if you use the code
AND, along with that 5% discount, you also get $2 off if you like their facebook page!

I hope this gets you guys pumped for what's to come with the giveaway! :D


[Review] Wig-Supplier/ L-email wigs

I received two wigs a little while ago that I used in my last two circle lens reviews~
Both wigs came from Wig-Supplier. (Yes. the name is clickable :3)

If you can't remember what they looked like here is a picture to refresh your memory! --->

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[Review] Covergirl Olay Tone Rehab Foundation and fun photo time

Hello again~

Todayyy~ I'm bringing you a review of the foundation that I've been wearing recently. When I came back from my trip, I had a sample waiting for me! The Covergirl +Olay Tone Rehab Foundation Base in 125 Buff Beige. Strangely enough...I wear that same number n MUFE. :D TO THE REVIEW!

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[Review] G&G GBT Sky Blue


 FINALLY. GAWDDD. Lol I wish I had more to review. x__x
I can't wait for my swap so I can review all those products! :D Reviews give me a reason to play dress up and stuff...I really should get out more...>>


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[Review] G&G Shinny Green (Puffy 3 tone)

FINALLY HOME! Which means I'm finally able to finish up my circle lens review!
Like the title says, this is a review of the G&G Shinny Green which is also known as Puffy 3 Tone Green from Pinkyparadise!

Out of all contact colors I prefer green the most since it looks the most "natural" to me and I just love how I look with green eyes.

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Exciting (?) things to come!

Here's a picture of one of my cat's so that this post won't be just text. ;D
So I haven't updated in a little while..which I mean...I'm sure you guys were tired of me updating since I updated every day for about 2 weeks. LOL

BUT! I have two circle lens reviews coming up, I haven't forgotten about them. :) I've just been out of town and left my camera at home so...when I get back they'll be the first things up. Though I had a dream about my green ones...where they had extra ring that was separate from the lens was strange. I'm getting off track.

I'm planning out a makeup swap with a girl in california~ They have access to a lot of asian cosmetics that I can't get unless I pay a lot of shipping and the like so I'm super excited! :D Though I'm pretty sure she can get anything/everything that I can get too... :(

My mother is also supposedly going back to Hawai'i for a few weeks (leaving me this time :__;) so I know she'll buy me some goodies~

I'll be doing a swap post and a goodies post when I do get the stuff but that leads me to the next thing!

Once I get 50 followers, I'll be hosting a giveaway! Most, if not all, items will be cosmetics or cosmetic related with things like eyelashes, liners, etc. :) Maybe even a few accessories! :D I would do a giveaway right away...but I feel like starting out with less then 50 is a little sad and less fun. xD

I...think that's about all the updates for now?


[Review]{Updated} Super Pinky Violet

 WOOOOO! Only 2 more to go! I still have yet to open the blue ones and they're the ones I'm most excited about! Hope I'm not disappointed, haha. ANYWAYS! REVIEW OF THE SUPER PINKY VIOLET!
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[Review] Super Pinky Grey

I did warn you guys about the onslaught of reviews right?! :D

This time I'm bringing you a review on the super pinky greyyyyy. :D

Haven't had grey circle lenses in while so this was a nice change. :)

(also~ Can you guys guess who my make-up is inspired by? :D I definitely don't look like her but it's always fun to try...and also..does anyone ever get notifications when I reply to their comments? D:)

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[Review] Super Pinky Hazel

WOOOO! Another review! Yeahhh.
SO, this time, I bring you a review on the SUPER PINKY HAZEL circle lenses!

Basic Information:
Pinkyparadise has these lenses listed as 14.5mm but I've seen them posted as 14.8 and 15mm and I'm pretty sure it's one of those.

42% Water content

8.6mm base curve~

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[Review] G&G Angel Ex Black

My new circle lenses came in! I AM SO EXCITE!
I had to buy new ones since I REALLY need to throw out my old ones since they're about a year and a half old. x__x All the ones I bought this time I've never tried before :D

Here's a list of the ones I purchased from PinkyParadise:
G&G Angel Ex Black
G&G GBT Sky Blue
G&G Shinny Green (Puffy 3 Tone)
Super Pinky Grey
Super Pinky Hazel
Super Pinky Violet

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[OOTD] Pin-up inspired adventure time~

My birthday was last month and one of my friends decided to take me out as a late birthday thing since I haven't seen her in forever.
She also decided that since she was driving a bobo car (she got hit a while ago and will be replacing her car shortly) we should compensate for it and dress up. In a pin-up inspired style. With heels.
The place we went is like an outdoor mall. One of those really rich places with only brand stores around. xD It's down the road from a college also so there's tons of little hangout restaurants and stuff.

LET ME TELL YOU. 6 hours walking around in heels is not my thing. I commend the girls who do it. I'm definitely a girl who, when wearing heels, will try my hardest to strut it the whole time and not look in pain..but behind closed doors I'll be crying over my feet. xD

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[OOTD] Oh snap!

I decided to dress up today just because I'm still super excited over my hair. I'm scared to style it atm since it's been through a lot in the past few days but next week I'm definitely having fun! I especially can't wait to curl it! :D
I dabbled a little bit in gyaru since I just love their hair and make-up style. :3 I thought this could be a little..gyaru isnpired looks?


The dress and belt came together and I bought it from someone at the flea market in Hawai'i a few years ago. It's pretty cheaply made but it's held up quite well...even though I forgot I had to fix the zipper...the plastic part of the teeth came apart from the fabric part. :(

I know I've seen this dress on taobao also...

Shoes are just some cork heels I found at DD's for about $15.

I'll be posting about tomorrow since one of my friends is taking me out (since she missed my birthday xD) and wants to dressup! We're doing pin-up/rockabilly inspired outfits and I'm hoping my hair will still look alright with victory rolls...I'm not sure how this certain type of bang will do...

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Hair Adventure! Debuting a new cut and color

Living in North Florida, it's a bit hard finding a hair stylist that knows how to do asian hair. I have extremely thick hair that's also course. I also haven't had a trim in like...2 years. xD

Anyways, I finally decided that I should get my hair done! I had become acquaintances with a girl over here who does hair and is also asian (yaye~) so I trusted her with my hair for the past few days.

Now, my hair has ALWAYS given people trouble. At least when it comes to dyeing and cutting. I've almost never gotten the cut I wanted and my hair always turns brassy (I guess they don't realize they have to tone my hair. T__T which I always warn them) anyways~ Here we gooo~

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[Review] Essence Gel Liner "Midnight in Pairs"

Hi again~
Along with my real techniques brushes that I purchased, I also picked up a few essence products since they're so cheap but have been amazing quality from the items that I've picked up in the past~

Maybelline New York's Eyestudio and Ruby Kisses HD gel liner have been my favorite gel liners for about 2 years now. I'm an eyeliner girl. Eyeliner makes my look (along with falsies~). I use pencils, liquid, gels, creams, cakes...basically any type of eyeliner out there, I've used it.

Gel liners are my favorite out of all those to use because of the precision and the finish.
Anyways, I'm rambling. On to the review!

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[Review] Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I've been without a foundation brush for quite a while. Ever since my ecotool brush broke (the bristles came out) I've been without one as I waited for them to send me a replacement. (I sent them a complaint about it, plus a picture, through their website where they have a "contact us" section and they got back to me quickly and were amazing enough to send me a replacement)

So finally, I took my butt to Ulta to purchase some of these Real Technique brushes that I've heard so much about. I already knew that I wanted to get the expert face brush since I LOVE buffing on my liquid/cream/powder foundations. To me, you really only need one brush to rule them all in foundation. That used to be my Ecotools bronzer brush (which I still adore).

Click read more for all the details and more pictures! :3

Deco Lolita collaboration shoot~

Second outfit that Chubi from Elegy Clothing sent me to shoot in~

This outfit was definitely the most fun for me between the two because it was a 4 in 1!

It comes with a salopette which can be switched from skirt to bloomer-y shorts, and the top part also comes off so you can wear just the blouse with either/or as well!

This style is really adorable and I love it so much...but definitely not as much as dresses with the cupcake shape. I said a while ago that I'm a huge fan of sweet, hime, everything girly, etc and it's mainly because I LOVE pink and they have tons of cupcake shapes so I get the best of both of the things that I love! x3

This outfit was shot in studio since I can't really think of any locations that would be suitable for this outfit.
Since I received the outfit, I was racking my brain for a way to wear my wig and I just couldn't think of anything. I really wish I had some super curly wigs or maybe a split one or even some pastel action. But alas,  haven't purchased any new wigs in about a year. Must change this soon. I'll be buying new circle lenses soon so maybe I'll buy wigs then...
The day of the shoot I had to put together a super quick hair style and decided upon...

THE GIANT PURPLE BOW IS SO ADORABLE! I kept telling Chubi how much I liked it because it's so big and cute. :3
The wig. Yes. That's what I was talking about. I ended up just simply braiding part of the wig and eventually tied it into ponytails.

I was originally going to make two braided buns on each side...but I over estimated how much hair was on this wig, haha.

I purchased a pair of shoes at wal-mart since I was tired of wearing the same white mary-janes but they didn't have my exact size so I had to get a 5 in kid sizes. I really don't understand why kids have such big shoes sizes. x__x I normally wear a size 6 in women's so the fact that girls shoes 5 is too big? (I wear a 4) They should just switch the adult sizes if their feet get that big. T__T



Oldschool Black and White Lolita shoot

PRESENTING, ONCE AGAIN, another collaboration with Elegy Clothing. :3

This time, Chubi sent me 2 outfits~ The first one is (obviously) an old school styled black and white coord.

The more I collaborate with Chubi, the more I'm realizing how unprepared I am to accessorize these looks. I don't mean headdresses or anything like that since Chubi normally supplies those as well, but I'm talking about wigs and shoes.
Now, I'm a wig addict. I have over 20 wigs but even with my wig collection, I'm running out with things that match! I guess it doesn't help that some of my wigs are similar colors and styles x___x. Blech. Shoes I'm not TOO big on. I do love me some heels and I have a lot...but almost none of them are loliable. I have a pair of white platform maryjanes (which I have been using in all of my shoots so far xD) but that's about it. Luckily for this outfit I have a pair of black wedges that I've never worn...>>

Bur, UHG. This makes me so frustrated because I know I'm going to have to shell out money to update  my wig and shoe collection and it kills meee. (I'm super cheap if people didn't realize. LOL) I love shopping at flea markets and thrift stores and to me "on sale" means take an additional 50% off of 50%. xD

OH YEAH. Did I mention my birthday just passed? Wooooo. T__T
I still don't have a drivers license...Someone should just shoot me. I'm so useless. x_x

Today I received the package filled with lovely clothing~
Chubi always wraps the clothing in tissue paper and I always feel bad when I tear into it...>> I like opening things...xD I'm always so surprised at how much stuff she can fold into these boxes! xD

I tried on the outfits right away! 8D

This is the oufit right out of the box with a petti under it. :3

Since it's an old school coord, Chubi suggested I keep the hair as natural as possible so I put on a curly brown wig and tied them into pigtails. It's super adorable but I also think that with the long dark hair there's was...too much dark?
So I tried on a blonde wig. x3

This wig has been with me for almost 4 years and I can tell it's getting old, haha. But it still looks lovely.

Here's some photo spam of my face :D

Shoot day is Tomorrow/Today! (I'm writing this on the 18th...but will probably finish it on the 19th which is when the shoot for this look is. Lol)

So THIS is actually how I wore my hair xD



All that above? Yeah I lied. I ended up shooting this outfit twice. LOL



[Review] MUFE HD invisible cover Foundation #127 Dark Sand

If you don't know, I'm a huge believer in trying out foundations at home before buying and I almost never trust one of those counter girls to color match me. LOL
I've had bad experiences where they match me with this horrible dark orange color, so now, I color match myself.

I've been wanting to try out Make up forever's foundation for a LONGGG time and finally got my butt into sephora to ask for a sample.
In the store, I wasn't exactly sure which shade to get, 125 or 127, so I got both. :D (I also got a sample of the full cover concealer in 7)

They put it in super cute little containers where they squirt some in and let you take it home.

I definitely think 125 matches me a lot better. 127 is just a smidgen too yellow. I can possibly see myself wearing 127 now (summer) and 125 during the winter since everyone likes being tan during summer...but I try my best to always wear sunblock, stay inside, etc so I stay the same shade for the most part.

Here's my face without anything in natural lighting. You can see my birthmarks and all the redness from rosecea. (ignore the one hair LOL)

Here's my face in 3 different lightings after I came back from errands. Let me tell you. I felt like I was melting. Florida is SOOOO hot right now. Hot and muggy and there's no breeze to help. x__x blech.

Here's some yellow lighting~

Some..inbetween? xD

and some white fluorescent lighting which I think mimics natural lighting?
(Also wearing the concealer in 7)
So as you can see, it held up really nicely in the hot, muggy mess that is Florida. I love the finish of this foundation as it doesn't look too heavy and you can almost not tell it's even there.

Amazing Finish
Lasts throughout the day with little touchups
Awesome Coverage
Not cakey or heavy
Good color selection

Pretty pricy ($42 a bottle)

That really is the only con I can think of at the moment. I LOVE this foundation and I probably will splurge to get it. 

Review on 125 and concealer coming soon~