[Review] INGLOT Freedom Eyeshadows 318/ 330/ 30/ 393/ 397/ 357/ 563/ 450 {Picture Heavy}

Hello all~
More INGLOT reviews coming your way!
All of the INGLOT cosmetics that I've been reviewing were purchased by me at The Makeup Show Orlando!

I've been super excited to do all these reviews so that I could get more cosmetic reviews on here~
The following post is about 8 shadows that I picked up~
I don't want to give too much away from the review so click the jump and read along!
Full details about my look (Wig, Contacts, etc) are in the post!

[Review] Inglot AMC Gel Liner 77 (Black)

Another INGLOT review here ! This time with a gel eyeliner that I've had my eyes on for a long time now!
I LOVEEE gel eyeliners! My eyeliners of choice go from gel, liquid, cake to pencil. I just love the smooth lines that you normally get from gels and liquids. Cakes have similar effects since you mix them with something but a lot of them aren't water resistant. Pencils are just a pain to me, haha.

I've read some other reviews about the AMC gel liner but I figured I'd add mine out there anyways~ It's my way of forcing myself to blog since I always think "well...there's so many other posts about this product from other bloggers so I don't need to" which really causes a block in my posts.

Anyways! Click the jump for the rest of the post!

[Review] INGLOT Duraline

Hello all!

I have soooo many things on the back burner right now and I'm trying to get caught up. I just started a second job so it's been taking a bit of my extra time and I haven't been able to focus on blogging recently. SO SORRY!

Anyways, a few weeks ago, I went to The Makeup Show Orlando and bought tons of goodies! I'll be posting about the makeup show at a later date since there's sooooo much I wanna say but I figured I'd start marking stuff of the list of reviews!

At the makeup show, I was pretty excited to check out the inglot booth since I had yet to try out their cosmetics but have wanted to for quite a while. One of the items I picked up was their Duraline! It's basically a mixing medium that turns eyeshadows in liner!

Click the jump (the read more this) to see the rest of the post!

[Life Event] AWA '14 Lolita Fashion Show featuring BTSSB (Picture Heavy)

Good day!

Quite a while ago (in September, haha) I went to my first convention in almost a year. At least it felt like a year, haha. AWA is a convention that I've been to in the past but stopped going to for the distance. It's located in Atlanta and I was currently in Jax. I've moved since then and, although I didn't move any closer, I've been wanting to get out there and travel a bit!

My boyfriend and I have friends in ATL and another friend asked if I wanted to split the hotel with her so I figured "why not?!".

I had big plans for this convention but, unfortunately, all my plans fell through due to shipping issue or what not.

Fortunately, I had applied to be a model for the Lolita Fashion show!

We'll start from the beginning~

[Tutorial] Fawn Makeup~ (Picture Heavy)


Halloween just passed and I didn't really have a costume for work...so I just used what I had and did this super cute fawn look that I found on pinterest! xD

I must warn you, I make really weird faces when doing "picture tutorials", haha.
So....click the jump to see more pictures of the finished look (at the very end) and also for my awkward tutorial!

Lolitadressesshop WishList~

Hello all~
I've been recently getting a few sponsored items from Lolitadressesshop and I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite items from their store! (Obviously, I haven't received any of these items since this is a wishlist. lol)

Most of these are dresses or sets that I LOVE.
(P.S. If you click the images, it'll take you to their sales page!)

Lolitadressesshop carries many indie designers on their page as well as their own line. It's nice to see a site carry a large array of products including things from different brands.
You'll see a lot of indie brands on my wishlist from them, haha.

Let me just start with this dress. I think I fell in love with it at first site. It's so elegant and dreamy that I started to drool when I looked at it. It comes in a few different colors (White, lavender, etc) but this black one just spoke to me! It's by no means "expensive" in the Lolita world with it's price tag set at 112.99USD but it's definitely something that I'd have to save up for (and justify to myself LOL)
I still can't get over how absolutely gorgeous this design is. Milu Forest really knows what they're doing with designs.

I know! I just couldn't stay away from this print! The print is based off of swan lake and this piece just EMBODIES swan lake. It really reminds me of a ballerina's dress too. The elegant white really pairs well with this particular cut. This one is a bit cheaper then the first at 105.50USD but it's still a bit up there. Both of the designs have a certain draw to them but I can't imagine having both...but deciding between them would be horrible! Dx I don't know if I'd be able to decide.

Halloween just passed and I realized that I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that was halloween inspired! I thought this print was ADORABLE with the little ghosts all over. I think the purple ghosts were also a nice touch in the design. Believe it or not...jsk aren't my favorite and I actually prefer full dresses like this where you don't have to layer. It's not because I hate layering..it's just that it takes a lot less pieces to wear something like this then to have a blouse under it, haha.
At 82.50USD this dress is pretty cheap for the cute design you'd get!

Here we go with the pink again. This dress was probably the most expensive one out of everything on this list coming in at 138.99 USD. OUCH! But, look at that pink set!
The dress is adorable by itself (and comes in different colors) but the blouse and jsk together in the pink picture is DROOL WORTHY! I'm really all over the place with my likes, haha.

Coming down to a cheaper item, I can't say no to floral crowns and this is definitely reminiscent of those. At only 25.99USD this is definitely affordable and oh so cute. DO YOU SEE THAT LITTLE BIRD?! I really have zero fashion sense when it comes to putting outfits together so I don't know how or what I would wear something like this with...but I would find something! xD

And last but not least, these SUPER CUTE PU Bownot shoes~ Most of my lolita shoes (actually all of them) are white or black so I've been eyeing other colors non-stop and I think pink is perfect. Pink is my favorite color so of course I'd find every way to try and incorporate it into outfits, haha.
These shoes sell for $74.99 USD on their site. I know this isn't considered "pricey" in the lolita world but I'm pretty cheap, haha. These shoes are so adorable though and I can't help but think that they're probably well worth their price tag.

[Review] J.Cat Love Struck Glam Glow Powder Blush 108 (Sweetheart) / 111(Kitten Kisses) / 106 (Snookums)


I'm gearing up to be posting a lot so keep an eye out! :D
I recently went on a trip to see my parents and thought I'd stop by at some new beauty stores in Jax.

Beauty Depot has a few locations throughout jacksonville and recently, a friends been posting a lot about their NYX collection! They have the full line there and I've been wanting to grab the eyebrow gel and check out their new lip lines.
Unfortunately...they didn't have the brow gel or the wicked lip like that I was looking for yet....but I didn't get some other cool stuff!

I'm a huge fan of smaller cosmetics companies because the prices are usually a steal and you normally get pretty good quality!

When I saw these blushes, I knew I HAD to have them. CATS! DUH!
I didn't know which shades to get...so I just grabbed 3 that I liked to try them out first. 

Follow the jump for the rest of the post~

[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe 97 in Blue

Hello again~

Here I bring you another cirlce lens review that was sponsored by Apple Of Your Eyes~
This time I chose the Luxury Babe 97 lenses to try out!
Recently I've been focusing on costumes right now so I haven't had a lot of time to do reviews...but now I've finally had a free moment!
(Also, I got my hair cut! 10 inches off! :D)

Anywho~ Jump for the review!

[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe 95 in Brown

Another circle lens here for you all to see!
Apple Of Your Eyes was so gracious to sponsor me these lenses a long with two others. They're always so kind to me and Luxury Babe lenses have really interesting patterns

Luxury Babe apparently released several new lenses so I picked a few designs out in different colors.
This particular one is their 95 lens in Brown.
For the rest of the post click this:

[Sponsored Review] Lolitadressesshop Cotten Sweet Strawberry Sundae OP Infanta

Hello all!

I bring you a review about my latest addition to my loli closet!
Lolitadressesshop graciously sponsored me this ADORABLE lolita dress and I can't wait to share my experience with you~
Recently I went to my first local loli mett-up since moving (a year ago x__x) and I've been really wanting to expand on my lolita clothing. Most of my stuff is bodyline or from an Indie brand that I've worked with before. Since I'm still relatively new to actually dressing this way, I've been getting very simple basics to get my feet wet~
Hopefully I'll be expanding more soon!

To see the full dress and read about what I think about it, click "READ MORE"~

[Review] Mirabella Colour Vinyl Lipstick swatches and review

Here's a post that's a little different from what I normally do~

Mirabella is a brand that I deal with a lot at work and they come out with new collections quarterly. I figured I'd start posting reviews and swatches of them since they're relatively new whenever they come in and it'll help people who are hesitant in buying them! :D

So, to my knowledge, Mirabella is slowly phasing out their normal lipsticks and instead switching to these ones instead. Their starter set is 12 colors ranging from nudes to berries and are paraben and gluten free!

Here's what the site says about them:

The colors I personally own are Glossy Ginger, Rosy Rouge, Metallic Blush and Caramel Creme.

I've yet to put the "10-hour wear" claim to the test since I've never had to wear makeup that long, haha. But it's definitely stayed put for 5 hours with no feathering and only minor re-application.

I feel that the lipsticks vary a but from eachother as far as smoothness goes and some also have hints of shimmer in them but the shimmer doesn't really show up on the lips.
Some of them glide on like butter and others take a quick second to heat slightly from contact to your lips.

Swatches from left to right:
Pink Polish, Glossy Ginger, Rosy Rouge, Caramel Creme, Mulberry Mocha, Cherry Shine, Metallic Blush,Coral Flash, Lavender Lustre, Vintage Vibe, Scarlet Sparkle, Icy Violet

I think most of them are pretty accurate but the last two colors are actually a bit darker then they appear.

Out of the colors I personally own (even though I've tried all of them) my favorites are Glossy Ginger and Rosy Rouge. Out of all the colors, add Icy Violet and Scarlet Sparkle to that list!
Rosy Rouge reminds me of my favorite Shiseido lipstick that I ran out of a long while ago. xD

Hopefully this helps for people who wanted to see swatches!

[Sponsored Review] Vassen Rainbow Eyes Grayish Blue

Hello again lovelies~

Recently I've really been giving thought to posts that I could do that AREN'T reviews. Reviews are lovely and all but I think blogs are, or at least can be, diaries. Digital ones that are so much easier to type then write out by hand.
On that note, I really came up with nothing. I don't really know what to write about so, here I am, asking my lovely readers what they'd like to read about.
Would you like behind the scenes posts about photo shoots?
Makeup how-tos, events, opinions on certain topics, etc. Please let me know! :) I always love hearing from my readers...it let's me know that there are actually people out there, haha.

Anyways, on to what this post is really about...which is a review.

Loveshoppingholics has been so generous as to continue to sponsor me lenses and I'm so thankful to them! Up to this point, I don't know what I'd blog about if it weren't for the reviews I had to do. xD

This time, I chose Vassen's Rainbow Eyes in Grayish Blue. I've been on a blue kick (which I never really got off of...I love blue and green lenses but I like to have variety as well, haha)

Click "READ MORE" to see what I thought about these lenses!

[Review] Rock Star Wig Farrah in Vamp

Hello all~

Today I bring you a review on my latest wig purchase! For a little while I've been looking for the *perfect black wig* for my upcoming Wonder Woman cosplay!

It was pretty hard for me to pick the perfect wig because I wasn't sure if I wanted a lace front, normal wig, bangs, no bangs, etc.

Eventually I had my boyfriend pick one out of 5 and he chose this one. xD

Click "read more" to see what I think about this wig!

[Sponsored Review] SoLolita White Heart Bow PU shoes

Hello again lovelies~

I know I've been on hiatus for a little while but I've been soooo busy with work. x__x
All my free time goes into sleeping, cleaning or doing errands. The life of an adult is poop, haha...

Anyways! I bring you today a review on some lolita shoes that were generously sponsored to me be SoLolita!

Click "READ MORE" for the rest of the post!

Blog Giveaway WINNERS!

Hello everyone!

I'm sure everyone has been waiting for the end of a giveaway and it has arrived!

Now, like the giveaway post stated, there were 2 prizes that were up for grabs. One that could be won by anyone and one that was only available to "loyal" followers.

Now that the giveaway is closed, I thought about posting a picture of all that the "Loyal Follower" prize was..but I still haven't decided...What do you think?



Jessica Newman is the winner for prize number 1!
And Fifi is the winner o prize 2! The Loyal Follower Prize!

I'll be emailing the winners in a couple of days but if you're the winner, you can always email me as well.

I can't wait to send out your prizes to you!

[Sponsored Review] SoLolita Necklace/ Bracelet/ Headband / Earring/ Socks Review (PICTURE HEAVY)

Hey guysss~

Today I bring you a LONGGGGG review!
I'll be reviewing 5 items in total that were graciously given to me for review purposes by SoLolita~

They gave me the choice of picking out a necklace, bracelet, headdress, earrings and socks so I quickly got started and went through their whole site to make sure I picked the perfect ones.

[Sponsored Review] Cosmos Blush EyeShadow Powder Paper


Long time no see! 

I've been a bit behind since I had to leave state suddenly and just got back. Now I'm dealing with the 6 hour time difference and jumping straight back into work. OH THE HORRORS OF ADULTHOOD, haha.

Anyways, this review is LONG overdue and I hope you enjoy it! :)

KKCENTERHK is a long time sponsor of mine and I"m always so grateful for anything they send to me to review. :)
This most recent time, I wanted to try out something different. Something that I've never even gotten close to.

Giveaway has been EXTENDED!

That's right!

Due to some personal things that came up, I had to leave state for a week (which happened to be the week that the giveaway ended!) so~ I've decided the extend the giveaway until the 30th of April!

For all the other details~ GO HERE:

That is all.

[Sponsored Review] Geo Xtra 3 Tone WT-B74 Brown

Hi Hi~

Me again with another review~
This time, it's sponsored by the amazing people at LoveShoppingHolics! The same company who is sponsoring two pairs of lenses for my giveaway~

I don't ever get tired of my lovely blues and greens but I do like to have a bit of variety, so, this time I chose a brown pair of lenses!

[Sponsored Review] Short Brown Lolita Wig

Herro again~

I thought it was weird for me to basically be absent after posting about my giveaway...but I got super busy with maid of honor stuff, haha.

ALSO! I had a really cool shoot planned...but everything kinda fell through...I was really looking forward to blogging about it...but oh well. xD

Anyways~ here is a (slightly) overdue review of a wig that Sololita generously sent me!

100 Followers GIVEAWAY!

Hello All!

FINALLY, the giveaway I've been talking about is here!
It's a bit overdue since it was supposed to be for my 100 followers...and I'm at 106 now...

Anyways, this giveaway is a little different then my first one.
There's TWO prizes and this is INTERNATIONAL!

Now, let me explain to you the prizes.

[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe 74 in Blue

Third installment of the trilogy! MUAHAHAHA. 
Just kidding. It's just the third pair of lenses from the new Luxury Babe lenses sent to me by Apple Of Your Eyes. ;D

Still exciting though, yeah?
My favorite circle lens colors are green and blue so I was SUPER excited for this pair since this was the only blue pair I received. 
Great blue circle lenses are like a holy grail for people so let's see if this one hit it out of the park!

[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe 70 Violet

Hello All~

The second installment in my new reviews of Apple Of Your Eyes' Luxury Babe lenses!

I'm really sorry that I keep posting reviews...but I have a lot of them so you'll have to deal. :p
There is also nothing exciting happening in my life which is why I don't post about that, haha.

I PROMISE that I'll be posting my giveaway soon (it'll be active on March 1st- April 1st)! So keep a look out for those tooo~


[Review] TonyMoly Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara Long Lash

A few weeks ago, my parents went my to Hawai'i (my home landdd) to see my grandfather. The last time we were there was back in 2010 and TONS had changed in those 3-4 years.

Whenever I go, I shop HARD. mainly because they have so much stuff that I wouldn't be able to find here in Florida so I tend to stock up.

Well, my mom (who is my shopping partner in crime) gave me a call and let me know about all the new stores that popped up including a Tony Moly! (They also had a Nature's Republic but she found that one closer to the end of her trip.. :( )

I went online and picked out some products that I wanted and sent her the codes so they could see if they had it in stock. One of the main items I wanted was the Cat's Wink Stand Mirror and you received it for FREE with a $100 purchase!

That was my mission then. GET THAT MIRROR, haha.

[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe 68 in Grey

Herro all~

I've been pretty busy lately with work and trying to get all my blog pictures done...plus wedding season is coming and I had to arrange tons of stuff for the 1309842785 weddings I'm attending next month, haha.

Anyways, I have a pretty consistent sponsorship with Apple Of Your Eyes and they contacted me to let me know they just received new lenses in and would like me to do reviews on them. Of course I said yes, haha.

Apple Of Your Eyes is one of my favorite places to get lenses from because I NEVER have any hiccups with them. The lenses always come in a timely manner, I've never received defective product from them and the owner is super sweet! This means a lot to me because I only suggest reliable places to my friends and readers!

Luxury Babe is a brand that has TONS of designs. They're always coming out with more and you never know what they're going to come out with next. They have designs ranging from "natural" ones to super crazy styles.

[Review & Haul] Wig is Fashion (Picture Heavy~)

Hello Again!

Before Christmas (I knowww! Super late. T_T), I made a purchase as an early Christmas present to myself. I've been wanting a few new wigs and decided that there wasn't a better time! :)

I knew that I wanted some wigs to change up my looks for my posts and decided to get decently natural ones that I could style into different looks.

In total, I purchased 6 wigs. 1 of them is no longer on the site which is a bit sad since it was one of my favorites from the bunch, but, I'll be posting all the information for the other wigs. :3

[Sponsored Review] SoLolita Lavender with Blonde wig

Hello all!

I PROMISE I'll start posting more frequently. There's a lot of reviews that I need to catch up on, giveaways I need to prepare, etc but I'd also like your input! What other type of posts would you like to see? Like...more quizzes about me? Some advice stuff? Leave me a comment!

I also have reviews of TONS of Tony Moly stuff to review and wigs (All purchased by me. :P ).

Also, 100 followers! IT HAS BEEN REACHED! I'll be posting details about my 100 follower giveaway soon and would just like to let you all know that this one won't be a strictly blogger one. I'll be crossing it with facebook as well. It will be INTERNATIONAL this time and there will be two different prizes. 1 for general followers and 1 for my loyal followers! If you've been an active follower (comments, likes, etc) then, when you sign up, you'll not only be put in the raffle for the general prize but you'll also be put in the raffle for the better "loyalty" prize. Some may say it's a bribe but...whatever~ ;) It's not too late also! :D
There may or may not be cosmetics, lenses, eyelashes, and wigs involved~ <3

NOW, to the actual post!

I was recently sponsored by Sololita to review a wig and I just received it!
By just received it, meaning it actually only took like..1.5 weeks to get to me, haha.

Anyways~ JUMP for the rest of the post~