[Sponsored Review] Louise Maely 21 count Brush Set

Hello again!

Another blog review coming your way today!

I've always been a huge thrifter, loved couponing as well as shopping at flea markets and farmer markets. All of this started with my mom! She's taught me to really get the most bang for my buck and she hasn't stopped sending me stuff that she's snagged even after I moved out, haha.

She's even better at couponing and getting deals then I am! She's won a lot of stuff throughout the years with contests, giveaways etc and most of it has always gone to me (at least cosmetics wise).
Well recently, she got a sponsored set of brushes that she wanted me to review for her!

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[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe Lenses 16 Brown (Picture Heavy) feat: Ahri!


This is my last installment in my current sponsorship from LuxuryBabe lens!
A little while ago, LuxuryBabeLens contacted me to review a few of their lenses and let me pick some out. 

I had really wanted to be organized with my picks and have everything planned out but this one took the longest! I feel really bad that I had made them wait for so long for this review but I really wanted everything to come together.

I ordered a wig and a pair of ears to match the look because I knew exactly which character I had wanted to use for this review.

AHRI from LoL (League of Legends)!

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[Review] Etsy Seller: AdamsGardenofEden Bath Bomb Flower Pot

Hello again~

My second installment in my bath time adventure! This time I'll be reviewing AdamsGardenofEden's bath bomb Flower Pot!

The name really suits it since it's an actually flower pot shape. HA!

This review might be a bit short but you'll see why if you follow the jump and read the rest!

[Review] Etsy Seller: AdamsGardenofEden Bath Bomb Calm Calamity

Hello again!

Since the wedding planning started, I've been looking on Etsy for a lot of bridesmaids gift ideas that I could put into bags for them and, since I'm huge about anything beauty related, I thought of bath bombs!

Originally I had planned on getting a lot of different scents but decided against it since I, of course, would end up picking scents that I personally liked and not the girl in question.

I still ended up being sucked into the land of handmade products on etsy and made a decently large order with AdamsGardenofEden on etsy because I've been in the mood to take a lot of baths and whats better then a colorful, fragrant bath?!

I have a Lush back in jacksonville that I've been too but it's always nice to support small businesses as well.

There were 8 bath bombs in total that I purchased and I've finally begun my "bath adventure"! I'm posting preview images on my instagram @mikilanii if you wanted to see them before I posted reviews!

[Sponsored Review] Petite Cherry Jasmine Set


This review is a little different then my usual ones since it's not a cosmetic or lens review! 
Today I'll be reviewing a lingerie set sponsored to me by Petite Cherry. 

Petite Cherry is a lingerie company that carries Japanese styled lingerie. What does this mean?
Well, in the US, we definitely have a certain style of bras and underwear that tend to lean on the more "sexy" style while japanese under garments tend to go for a more "cute/sexy" aesthetic. Most of their sets or pieces have a lot of lace or cute designs that definitely separate them from their western counterparts.
See what I thought about this set below!

(Disclaimer: Don't read if you are offended by the words "Breasts/Boobs/etc")

[Sponsored Review] Luxury babe 16 in Blue

Hello all~

I'm back again with another lens review for Luxury Babe Lens!
I've been trying to plan out my looks a bit better so that there's not a lot of overlap or similar looks in hopes that it'll keep the reviews from getting boring~ 

Halloween is coming up and I have a lot of themed looks in planning so hopefully I can get them all done in a timely manner! For this review, I wanted to try to accomplish and edgier feel so I ended up using a small, portable ring light instead of just natural light and I think they definitely give the pictures a different look! It was also extremely overcast not he one day that I could get this done, haha.

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[Review] Pili Cosmetics Loose Shadow Pigments Kapu / Glow / Buttery Nipple (Picture Heavy/ 2 looks

Hello again!~

Like in my last post, I've been on an Etsy kick recently so I figured I'd start reviewing my purchases here!

This week, I have 3 loose shadows/pigments from Pili Cosmetics.
In order from left to right: Kapu | Glow | Buttery Nipple.
I use all three in the following post to create two different looks for you all so that it can showcase each one!

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[Review] Brija Cosmetics "You Know Who..." Face Highlighter

Recently I've been looking at different highlighters to use for (obviously) highlighting, mixing with foundation for dewy looks, etc. There's no "perfect" one for everyone and you definitely have to try out different ones to see what you like and what you don't.

I already have quite a few highlighters (because as a MUA they're a necessity) but they're mainly pressed powders which I tend to prefer when using just to highlight the face. 
With them being pressed, they can get troublesome trying to mix with foundations since you have to scrape it out and hope you don't get too much because you can't exactly "put it back". Thus, I started looking for loose ones!

Recently I've been on a huge etsy kick because of my wedding approaching and it's so easy to find favors, decorations, etc on there and I love being able to support small businesses!

I decided to take a look at the highlighters that different sellers were offering and picked out a few to try out!

The first one to arrive was Brija Cosmetic's (Etsy Link) "You Know Who..." from her Harry Potter collection.

[Sponsored Review] BUNNY 3 COLOR GRAY + Surprise Guest~

~Hello all~ 
Recently, I've been working on reviews with cosplay pictures but while I'm doing that, I'm also working on doing makeup looks that I normally wouldn't do.

If you haven't noticed, neutrals are usually the colors I stick to. That means browns, taupes, champagnes, etc. I've started to work on stepping out into brighter colors and hopefully one day, different shapes, looks, and all that other fun stuff. I know this will take a while to step out of my comfort zone but I'm trying! I'm used to doing crazy looks on models, but definitely not myself, haha.

Here's to slowly getting out of the box!

[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe lens 17 in Gray

Whattttt? Another post!? So soon?!

I'm trying my best to get all of these reviews out in a timely manner and making sure that each look is different from the next!

Luxurybabe sponsored my several lenses to review for them and, after my Kasumi Cosplay Lens Review,  I couldn't think of a gray eyed characters that matched any of the wigs I own so I decided to do a dark blue smokey eye. A lot more dramatic then I would normally go for...but hey, this is a blog! And it'd get boring if I did the same looks over and over again. 

[ Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe 97 Brown (Pic Heavy~)


I'm pretty sure I mentioned making blog reviews with cosplay involved and this is the first one!
Luxury Babe Lens contacted me for a sponsorship and I couldn't pass it down!

I've been wanting to do this type of review for a while now because I know that circle lenses can go hand in hand with cosplay and what better way to showcase them then to use characters that you could  use them for!

I'm starting out with characters that I, of course, am familiar with and even have costumes and wigs for but maybe I'll look into other characters in the future.

LBL allowed me to pick out a few different lenses and this is the first of the set. I'm planning an Ahri one...but I'm stumped for the other two. One is a bright blue and the other is Grey. If you have suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

[Sponsored Review] SCL 23 C-BROWN

Hello all~

I bring you another circle lens review to start off the next week! I have a few things planned for future reviews including makeup tutorials and cosplay makeup for circle lens reviews!

I know I keep saying that I'll do more posts/ others posts in the future and I don't really get to them..so we'll see how well I stick to this. xD

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[Sponsored Review] Klenspop Bunny Color Brown Lens

Hello again~

I bring you a new lens review from KLENSPOP who sponsored me this pair~

Honestly, I haven't worn circle lenses in a while since I don't go to many events anymore and I feel like my glasses help me see better details at work. ~But~ I'm looking to start cosplaying and attending more events again which means I'll be in the need of new lenses.

There's always tons of designs coming out so it's nice to have these reviews to see how they all stack up against each other. 

See how this pair did!~

[Review] Isis Brown Sugar Lace Front BS206 in Red Velvet (Pic Heavy)

Say " Hello" to my cat again! 8D
She always loves to try and get cuddles when I'm taking pictures and I'm too much of a softy to say "no" so I end up just petting here for like...20 mins. 

Recently, I went to an event in Orlando (post to come later) and I really wanted something to spice up my look. If you didn't realize, no matter how many times I dye my hair, I always go back to black soon after because I'm lazy and the upkeep is insane when you have naturally dark hair. 

I was in a time crunch (by "time crunch" I mean it was a Tuesday and I needed a wig before I left on Friday)
I scoured the depths of ebay and google for a wig seller in the US since I knew that I'd have a better chance of getting it in that short amount of time....


[Event] Premiere Orlando 2015 (Pic Heavy)

Hello all~

I did mention that I wanted to start blogging about events that I go to so this is me trying to live up to that.

At the end of May (and beginning of June) I went to Premiere Orlando 2015. Premiere is an education and trade show for professionals in the beauty industry ONLY.
What does this mean? You can only attend if you are a licensed cosmetologist, barber, esthetician, nail tech etc. (There are some exceptions...like if you own a salon and spa.)

The show is a 3 day event consisting of Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Saturday is, at least in Orlando, an education day. This is usually the day that they host classes that you have to pay for , for a "hands-on" class but they also have free classes throughout the day.

Sunday and Monday are mainly "exhibit" days where all the brands have ELABORATE booths where you can purchase their products for a special "show" price.

I had originally wanted to take a few paid classes but, with the wedding coming up, I had to save where I could. Instead, I just went to the show on sunday and monday for the floor since I always learn so much there anyways. Andddddd the shopping is great, haha.

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[Review] Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara and Intensify Me Liquid Liner

Hello all~

I've been pretty busy recently which means that I don't get a lot of time to post at all...but I've been trying really hard to get back into it and set aside time just for this.

I recently got back from a really fun photoshoot weekend where I was the MUA and I've been wanting to share that with you all.
I really want to start blogging about events and fun stuff that I do in my life so that I can move this blog towards a more "general" beauty blog direction instead of just reviews. (There's always this weird feeling I get when there's too many "I"s in my posts x_x)


My mom is an avid freebie-er and I love visiting her every month because not only do I get to spend time with my parents, I also get a bag of goodies! 8D
Every now and then she gets influenster boxes and hands them off to me to review. This is one of those boxes! 
Obviously, the products were sent for a review by them but , as always, all of the following are my own opinions.

[Sponsored Review] Infanta Fairy Dance Blouse in White

Hello all~

Another LONGGGGG overdue review!

Lolitadressesshop has been a very kind sponsor for my blog and has once again gifted me with a product to review for you all!
I've been slowly trying to increase my lolita wardrobe and every piece that is gifted to me gives me new possibilities for coords!
Last time I reviewed a full dress but this time, I thought that some basics would be best! I decided upon this Infanta Fairy Dance Blouse~

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[Sponsored Review] BornPrettyStore Review 5 pair Lashes and Lipstick

Hello again~
(I feel like I always start my posts like this..xD)

I present to you a 2-for-1 review!
BornPrettyStore was so great to me and sponsored the products for this review which include a set of lashes and a lipstick!

As always, I give nothing but my own opinions! I think that honest reviews are always the best even when sponsored because you have to look out for your readers who may be in between deciding on products.

100% my honest opinion! (Though I mayyyyy be bribed with sweets. ;D)

[Sponsored Review] Disney Len Emerald Green

Hello again~

Another post featuring my ever attention hungry kitty! 
Apple Of Your Eyes sent me these green lenses along with the previous blue ones since they match~

I've also switched computers so I haven't yet tweaked the images to where they actually appear how they're supposed to, color wise. 

Click the jump to read about these lenses!

[Sponsored Review] Disney Princess Blue


Here's another long over-due review of the Disney Princess Blue lenses that were sponsored to me by the ever amazing, Apple Of Your Eyes!

Also, a guest star makes an appearance!

Recently I haven't been wearing lenses as much since it's just such a hassle to put them in, in the morning and it seems my eyes have become super sensitive to contacts because of it.

Click the jump to see how these lenses did with my ever temperamental eyes!

[Sponsored Review] Costume Super Center Red and White Super Hero Boots

Hello all!

I've been gone for a while since it's gotten pretty hectic in my life.
First it was the holidays, then it was bad weather and then my second job started taking off!

There's tons of reviews backed up now that I'll be (hopefully) getting out ASAP.

Costume Super Center honored me with a chance to review a product that would be help along my next cosplay and also be featured in it.
At the time, I had been looking at the Kotobukiya Bishoujo series that are based off of Shunya Yamashita's artwork and was inspired.

By what exactly?...