[Sponsored Review] Luxury Babe Lenses 16 Brown (Picture Heavy) feat: Ahri!


This is my last installment in my current sponsorship from LuxuryBabe lens!
A little while ago, LuxuryBabeLens contacted me to review a few of their lenses and let me pick some out. 

I had really wanted to be organized with my picks and have everything planned out but this one took the longest! I feel really bad that I had made them wait for so long for this review but I really wanted everything to come together.

I ordered a wig and a pair of ears to match the look because I knew exactly which character I had wanted to use for this review.

AHRI from LoL (League of Legends)!

Follow the jump for the rest of the review and more of my picture spam!

In the product model pictures, these lenses look very "gold/yellow" so I immediately picked them up for an Ahri inspired look.
Her eye color changes depending on the skin but I decided to go for her default. (Which apparently can also vary between gold and blue)

These lenses, like their sister the blue ones I reviewed, are very striking and bold!

While the color isn't quite as vibrant or "gold" as I had wanted or expected, the lenses still give off some good pigment! I'd say the color is between a honey brown and a soft yellow. The bold limbal ring creates a great "animated" eye effect and really helps with the look that I was going for! Innocent but playful!

Very comfortable! Luxury Babe lenses have never disappointed me yet as far as comfort! They seem to have a very good quality control as well since I've yet to receive any lenses with defects in them as well. I would be able to wear these for a long period of time without discomfort.
These lenses are listed as a 16.mm and I fully agree! I've had some lenses where I've been suspicious of the size listed but I'm positive that this one is listed correctly. It enlarges the eye enough to give that playful look but it's not too large as to be overwhelming. 

Overall I really enjoyed these lenses and can see myself wearing them for more dramatic looks!
It is Halloween after all!

The following pictures are just picture spam, haha. I tried to get a few different sides of Ahri's personality. Playful, sensual, deadly...etc. xD I was also just straight weird in some of them.
Pictures with ALL the things.

Ears made by: SilveredFoxCreations on etsy 

~Face details~
Foundation: Koh Gen Doh 
Concealer: Kana in 07 Warm Sand / NYX undereye concealer in medium
Contour: J.Cat Intense Mineral Compant in Cinnamon 
Highlight: J.Cat Golden Soliel in Coconut Island
Eyeshadow: Star Makeup Haven / Inglot
Liner: Inglot Loose Black pigment and Duraline 
lashes: Black Cherry

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