[Sponsored Review] Louise Maely 21 count Brush Set

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Another blog review coming your way today!

I've always been a huge thrifter, loved couponing as well as shopping at flea markets and farmer markets. All of this started with my mom! She's taught me to really get the most bang for my buck and she hasn't stopped sending me stuff that she's snagged even after I moved out, haha.

She's even better at couponing and getting deals then I am! She's won a lot of stuff throughout the years with contests, giveaways etc and most of it has always gone to me (at least cosmetics wise).
Well recently, she got a sponsored set of brushes that she wanted me to review for her!

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This brush set is the LOUISE MAELY 21 Piece set and it sells for $23.99 USD with free shipping.

The actual brush set comes inside a nifty waterproof bag, 

 and are held inside a brush roll where each brush has it's on little area.

 Along with the brush slots, theres also a zipper that opens a compartment behind the brushes where you can put in things like makeup, mirrors etc.
 The brushes above are the ones that I used for this look! 

The face brushes were definitely my favorite to use~! All of them were very soft and fluffy and blended up my powders beautifully. They picked up the pigment well and didn't leave any uneven spots. 

Most of the eyeshadow bruises were flat in shape and I could imagine they'd be best for smudging or patting on color. They did come a little stiff but just washing them or even ruffling them up a bit gets rid of that. i find it common with liner brushes where the companies make the brush rigid so that it keeps shape until used.

The eyeliner brush was very precise and I was able to have a nice sharp line for my winged liner. I used the angled brush for my brows and they came out very nicely as well! 
It was the perfect blend between soft and dense enough to where it kept shape.

Overall I liked this brush set quite a lot! Especially for the price it retails for. The only complaint I could make is that it didn't come with a fluffy blending brush.

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