[Review] Zury Sis Aline-H wig Edgy in Som Rt Burgundy

Hello all~

I've really been in an "American" makeup style mood so most of my looks definitely lean more towards "sultry" then previously.

Looking forward to doing more asian inspired looks soon since I feel like I'm getting rusty with them, though!

Anyways, here is another wig review! This time, I went with a more chic long bob instead of my usual long curled hair that I love so much which proved to be a nice, refreshing change~

[Sponsored Review] Uniqso Honoka Kousaka Wig

Hello everyone!
Today's my first day off that I've really gotten to have spare time to blog! (Just kidding, I had a makeup gig later on today xD)
This review was a little tough for me because I haven't done "cosplay" makeup in a while since I've been ~out of the game~ for about 3 years now, haha.

Uniqso was so kind as to sponsor me this wig  to match a cosplay that I received from another place!
I, unfortunately, didn't get any shots of the wig's packaging because I was too excited and had to throw it on immediately!

Anywho! click the jump for the review!

[Review] Freetress Karissa in HazePurple {Picture Heavy}

Hello all~

As most of your know, I am absolutely obsessed with wigs. 
I started out with just a few "as needed" for cosplays but it quickly transitioned into a full swing addiction.

I enjoy wigs of all kinds and colors but recently I've been really into lace fronts in "creative" colors...especially when they're well priced! They're technically "normal" colors to me since I'm so used to wearing them for cosplay but they're seen as trendy colors in normal fashion wigs.

The colors I usually stick to in "fashion wigs" like these are reds but purples really speak to me as well. 

One of my favorite beauty supply stores in Jackosnville posted a wig on instagram that was very similar to this! I almost purchased that exact one but found out the color was a more red purple. I LOVE violet reds but I was looking for a more blue purple because I wanted to possible use it for a Psylocke cosplay as well. I've been on the search for the perfect Psylocke wig so every time I see a purple wig, I think of her.

Anyways, before I get really off topic, follow the jump for the rest of the post!

[Wedding Review] TheWoollyMammoth Paper Flowers

Hello all~

Like I mentioned in my previous post, the next few ones will be reviews of products and services from my wedding as well as advice to people planning their own wedding~!

First up was one of my FAVORITE things from the wedding!

Instead of going the traditional ~Live Flowers~ route, I decided to do something a little different.

When I had pictured my perfect wedding in my head I originally had wanted a cascading peony bouquet. Cascading bouquets are absolutely GORGEOUS and in a perfect world, everyone would have the funds to afford their dream wedding without going into major debt.
Unfortunately, it's not a perfect world and you have to budget!

When I looked into real flower bouquets, just a basic peony one was $500! FOR ONE BOUQUET!

I knew that there would be no way that I could afford that so I was racking my brain for other options. I looked through different routes as far as public flowers, sam's, costco, etc.

Roses just weren't cutting it for me.

I'm married!

Hello all!

Recently I haven't been posting much and there's a good reason for it!
I've been planning my wedding this past year and now it's official! As of December, I am officially MEOWIED!

The next few posts will probably be reviews about the flowers, dress, venue, etc and my advice to anyone planning their own wedding!

I think while planning a wedding, you definitely get caught up in little details and can be pressured to make your choices on other people's wants so I'll be posting about how I managed to weave my way through the chaos.

Glad it's over! Haha