[Wedding Review] TheWoollyMammoth Paper Flowers

Hello all~

Like I mentioned in my previous post, the next few ones will be reviews of products and services from my wedding as well as advice to people planning their own wedding~!

First up was one of my FAVORITE things from the wedding!

Instead of going the traditional ~Live Flowers~ route, I decided to do something a little different.

When I had pictured my perfect wedding in my head I originally had wanted a cascading peony bouquet. Cascading bouquets are absolutely GORGEOUS and in a perfect world, everyone would have the funds to afford their dream wedding without going into major debt.
Unfortunately, it's not a perfect world and you have to budget!

When I looked into real flower bouquets, just a basic peony one was $500! FOR ONE BOUQUET!

I knew that there would be no way that I could afford that so I was racking my brain for other options. I looked through different routes as far as public flowers, sam's, costco, etc.

Roses just weren't cutting it for me.

One day, I was pursuing etsy (because I was on a major etsy kick) and came across origami flowers.
They were BEAUTIFUL!

There's really endless options with them, you can get them in whatever colors you want and they could potentially last forever!

That's where I found Janita from The Woolly Mammoth!
She had tons of listings with different options but none that quite fit what I wanted.
I private messaged her to see what we could do!

Everything she does is completely HAND MADE!

I started communications at the end of February (10 months from the wedding!) and quickly hashed out what I wanted. She worked with me through every step to make sure that I got everything I wanted!

She sent me paper swatches so I could pick out colors for the flowers with no guessing.
There were tons of options to choose from and she sent varying shades of the colors I wanted. (Our wedding colors were burgundy, gold and white)

She would send me pictures throughout the process to let me know where she was and let me tell you, that level of communication really puts a bride at ease.

I believe I received the flowers in October but i want to note that it normally DOESN'T take 8 months. I told her there was absolutely NO rush and that I was just jumping the gun because I want to get it taken cared of, haha.

The products that I received from her were:
Bridal bouquet
4 bridesmaids bouquet-$45 
Toss bouquet
6 Gmen-
2 corsages Wrist-
8 tables (3 Kusudama balls per table)
75 Place settings

and I paid 797.90 USD for EVERYTHING.

Those flowers covered bouquets for all the bridesmaids, my own and a separate toss one, boutonnieres for all the groomsmen, groom and fathers, corsages for the mothers , centerpiece flowers for ALL the tables and places settings for everyone who arrived. 

I kept in touch with Janita throughout the months and (last minute) asked if I could upgrade to an extra large bouquet for mine and she had already included it for FREE since I "was being so patient". Honestly, I was just super ahead of time so I wasn't worried, haha. But it was such a sweet gesture!

All of the flowers arrived in a HUGE box with tons of padding and none of the flowers were damaged~

(Of course I immediately tore open that box to look at them, haha)

(Bridal and bridesmaids bouquets~)

We packed up the flowers in tubs to keep them safe until the wedding and the day of, the were super easy to transport.

All of the flowers photographed BEAUTIFULLY and I couldn't have been happier.

The kusudama balls, (three pictures up) were our centerpiece flowers. There were three to a table which were placed onto three vases in varying sizes. The center pieces were extremely easy and turned out really well! We purchased a pack of 36 vases, 12 in each size, filled them with a submersible tea light and water pearls!

The smaller kusudama balls ended up getting taken home by many of our guests so they could use it as a christmas tree ornament! I was so happy that our guests loved them so much that they wanted to take them home. (And we encouraged it because really..what were we going to do with so many? xD)

Overall I am EXTREMELY pleased with my choice to go for paper flowers and definitely suggest it for other brides looking for alternatives to real flowers.

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