[Review] Zury Sis Aline-H wig Edgy in Som Rt Burgundy

Hello all~

I've really been in an "American" makeup style mood so most of my looks definitely lean more towards "sultry" then previously.

Looking forward to doing more asian inspired looks soon since I feel like I'm getting rusty with them, though!

Anyways, here is another wig review! This time, I went with a more chic long bob instead of my usual long curled hair that I love so much which proved to be a nice, refreshing change~

As most beauty store bought wigs, this one comes in a thick, squared plastic bag connected to cardboard which stops the wig from being SHMOOSHED.
I really like when wigs come packaged like this instead of just in a plastic wig bag with netting. It just looks more professional and gives off the look that the company cares about how the wig arrives to you.

Now, I'm not knocking how cosplay wigs come, I'm just nothing the difference.

This wig is a Zury Sis Aline- H wig in the style "Edgy".
They have quite a few colors and I was torn between the blue, purple and burgundy but finally decided upon this one. The color is called SOM RT BURGUNDY.
I unwrapped this wig at night so the pictures looks a little shadow-y but all the colors are pretty true to reality.
It's a really nice deep red...almost wine colored but not quite. It has a nice brightness to it without being a fire engine red wig. 
The color really has a lot of depth to it even though all the strands seem to be the same color. 

Now, I know the next picture isn't the same wig but they're from the same one and it's just to show you the deep lace part!
I completely forgot to take a shot of the lace in the burgundy one, haha.
Anyways, this wig isn't a lace front (which is what I originally thought when I bought it, haha) it's instead, a deep lace part wig.
This means that, in order to look more natural, it has a lace part which can mimic your scalp.

The make the lace blend in with my tone, I put concealer and powder on BOTH sides of the lace. Originally the lace was a medium-dark brown so a little bit of concealer goes a long way. 
It's always best to use a WATERPROOF concealer so it doesn't smudge.

I also like to set it with a little bit of high hold hairspray. Just in case. :)

The wig is styled so that the part is on the left side (It's a pretty dramatic side part too) and has three clips. The clips are located on either side (near the sideburns/ears) and in the back. The back one is DETRIMENTAL to the wig staying in place since the hair goes right against your nape.
The wig does have long, side swept bangs that tend to get in your face if you don't put even a little bit of hairspray on it.
It was a non-issue after that!
I really like these bangs because it looks so wispy and feathers back perfectly once you set it.

Now from the front, it looks like a normal shoulder length wig but the back is where it gets fun and it really makes the wig!
This is an aline wig meaning the shortest part is in the back and it angles down and gets longer as it goes towards the front. 
Here's a really neat pictures of the transition of the wig.

You can also kinda see a peak of the "scalp colored" lace.

Due to the length of the wig, it doesn't tangle AT ALL. Perfect for all day wear because of that and it's very light to wear. 

The hair is completely synthetic but you can heat style it up to 400 degrees fahrenheit which is very common in synthetic wigs now.

This wig also only cost me $29.99 at my local beauty supply store! (Not including tax of course~) 

Overall, I absolutely LOVE this wig and it was worth every penny spent on it. It's a great cut, very comfortable to wear, easy to take care of and immediately adds a sassy splash to your look!