About Me~



My name is Miki (Mikichigo).
I'm a Cosplayer, Model, Singer and Actress. Basically all the things that almost everyone else is.
I have an obsession with make-up and all things hello kitty and pink. I love tons of different styles but among my favorites are Gyaru and Lolita. Huge girly girl.
I suck with coordinating outfits so don't expect any OOTD posts unless someone else is dressing me. :)

Beauty Profile:

Skin Type: Combination
Skin Tone: Light-Medium (NW 18 in Mac/ 125 MUFE)
Undertones: Neutral
Natural Eye: Dark Brown
Natural Hair: Thick, course, dark brown/black

Problem Areas:

  • Slight acne on forehead
  • Dry patches between brows and under eyes

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